A lot of people prefer to do a DIY move. We must say that it’s okay to do whatever makes you happy, but most people find nothing joyful in moving on their own. Every American move around 11.4 times in their life. See the stats here. When this time comes up, the best choice is to hire professionals to do the job for you, and here’s why we think like this:

1. They have better insurance

When moving, your belongings might get lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed. If you’re a fan of DIY stuff, you should know that you will be responsible for everything that happens during the process. If any of the previously mentioned happens, no one will cover the expenses. If you hire professionals, they come with insurance that protects your belongings and you can sleep tight knowing that nothing will go wrong.

2. Work without stress

Moving is stressful in general. Even when you hire a company, you’ll still be under a lot of stress until everything is finished. It’s normal, this is not an everyday situation. It’s hard to resolve problems when you are out of your comfort zone. Doing it on your own makes it more difficult, but a moving company will greatly reduce your stress during your move.

3. Work fast

A standard move has a few phases – cleaning, packing, loading the truck, driving, and unloading. One person, depending on how much furniture has, will need around a month. Some with 3 or 4 friends or family members will need a week, while pros can do it all in a day or weekend. If you do not want to waste any time, then professional movers are not just the best choice, but the only option you have.

4. Pack better

How often do you pack boxes? Once a year? Professionals are doing it daily. It’s their job. They do this with tremendous speed, and they know how to do it the best way possible. They know how to use the most space when using cardboard boxes. You’ll probably learn this because it’s not quantum physics, but it will take some time until you’re fully practiced. If you don’t know these tricks, visit the site that explains all about this matter.

5. They are stronger than you

Unless you lift heavy objects for a living, you’re probably less skilled than these guys. Lifting a piano, a cabinet or any other bulky furniture outside is very different from the weights you are used to lifting inside the gym. The people transporting everything from your home to the truck lift these things every day and they do it without a problem. You can help, that’s for sure, but it’s clear that they’ll do a far better job than you.

6. Dealing with unexpected situations

It’s quite unusual for moving companies to deal with unexpected situations because everything they do is already a routine. It’s a product of all the move they made over the course of time and rarely something is out of the plan. On the other hand, when you move by yourself, everything can go wrong. From being unable to take some of the furniture outside, to being stopped by the police because you don’t have the proper permit for transporting.

7. Driving long distances

If you’re moving just up the block, there’s no problem, but if you’re going on an interstate adventure, then we’re talking about some serious driving. Moving companies have professional drivers who are able to drive for hours while you will have to drink a lot of coffee to stay awake and endure the trip. Another thing is it’s difficult to drive a big truck than your standard work – home car. This is a complex vehicle that requires experience. See speed limits in different states if you’re planning to drive: https://www.thebalance.com/commercial-vehicle-speed-limits-by-state-1361600


There’s no comparison between what’s better between these two. It’s always better to hire a moving company. The only downside is money. You’ll probably spend a little more on it, but you can be sure that the job will be done far better than if you’re doing it on your own. Sure, nothing is perfect, but perfection is what everyone aims for.

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