If Penthouse life is what you seek then a great view is all part of the plan. Spain has some amazing and popular beaches and without doubt, Javea is up there among the best. For those who want to change their city skyline for mountains and beaches then Javea has that to offer. Not only can this small historical town provide some of the best views along the east coast of Spain, it also has the properties to match. So if the luxury of penthouse life is a must, Javea has it all.

Popular and Peaceful

Javea does not have high rise apartments cramming the towns’ coastline. Although a very popular town for tourists, ex-pats and the Spanish alike, it has managed to retain the friendly and historical atmosphere it always had with careful planning policies in place. The warm Mediterranean waters are clean and there are many small coves offering up privacy and peace away from the main centre.  Rugged mountains dotted with ancient windmills sprawl down to the coastline providing the town with a stunning backdrop. Without doubt, if it is penthouse views you seek, Javea provides them 360 degrees.

Old and New

Once a quiet fishing village, Javea combines modern amenities with old fashioned charm with perfect balance. If you need to commute back and forth to the UK Alicante is about a 90minute drive away. A new marina, consistently lined by yachts makes a sparkling image and the old fishing port continues to bring in fresh fish to the local restaurants every day. If you should want a break from the amazing array of restaurants, the local market also sells a stunning selection of fresh vegetables, meat and fish which can make eating in as good as eating out.

Worth Every Penny

Because Javea is not awash with high story buildings penthouse apartments are a major commodity. Additionally, because Javea is incredibly beautiful with all modern amenities property here is always in demand. A top floor apartment is a luxury property, even so, when comparing prices to the quality of the views, the excellent amenities and of course, the healthy lifestyle, they are worth every penny.

Rental Opportunities

The Costa Blanca has always been a popular destination for Brits. Javea has a buzzing tourist industry which means renting your property is most definitely a possibility. If you are considering buying a top floor apartment or Penthouse suite to rent a local agent will have very good insight with regards to rental prices and which areas offer the best opportunities.

Javea has it all, the beaches, the amenities, the restaurants, the atmosphere and most importantly the views! With a range of properties, old and new, it is a great place to start your penthouse quest because it ticks so many boxes.  Take a look and you will see just how much this beautiful and popular fishing village has to offer. Without doubt, Penthouse life in Javea is seriously hard to beat!

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